Wakely Road shared path phased improvements 

Following feedback from the community we will now go ahead with a phased approach to upgrading the Wakely Road track.

Work is expected to start in late 2018 or early 2019 to improve the track surface and install a safety fence. This will be a big improvement for people on foot although the track will remain an off-road biking route suitable for mountain bikes.

In the longer term, as funding allows, Wakely Road track will become a safe walking and biking shared path between Newlands and Ngauranga.


Wakely Road 

What will change

Most of Wakely Road is a rough four-wheel drive track, from the intersection of Spenmoor Street and Lyndfield Lane down to Centennial Highway. The work to improve the path at this stage will include:

  • cutting back trees and other vegetation
  • removal of old culverts
  • levelling and grading the gravel surface
  • installing a 1.4m high wire-mesh safety fence the length of the track.

Further work to install storm water drainage and pave the surface will be done in the longer term.

How this will help

Once upgraded, this section of Wakely Road will be an off-road shared path that can be used by more people. It will provide a better connection from Newlands and the northern suburbs to the Hutt Road walking and biking paths and, in future, to the Wellington–Hutt Valley link.

This is one of a series of changes to improve connections and make it safer and easier for people to get to the central city by bike.


Next steps 

  • Community engagement on biking routes in and around Newlands, including the Ngauranga connection, is scheduled for 2019-2021.
  • The feedback period on the traffic changes (resolutions) related to this proposal was 25 July to 11 August 2017.
  • Councillors approved the proposal to upgrade the track and improve access between Glover Street and the bottom of the track on 14 September 2017.


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