Route video

Travel along the route and you’ll see how and where we plan to make improvements.

Location of route

Explore the map to see in detail where the route will go.

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Detailed plans and traffic resolution

The proposed traffic resolution details the roading and parking changes that would be required as part of the proposed Hutt Road cycle path. The resolution also shows the detailed traffic engineering plans for the cycle path. The resolution and your feedback are presented to Councillors when considering this project.

TR 15-16 Traffic Resolution - Hutt Road, School Road, Westminster Street and Kaiwharawhara Road (6MB PDF)

Trees and obstacles

In some areas, pohutukawa trees may need to be trimmed or moved to make way for wider pathways.

Safety of shared paths

The dedicated cycleway and separated footpath increases safety between people on bikes and and people walking. In the video above, you can see two people on bikes who are travelling in opposite directions and having to avoid each other while also avoiding people walking and a lampost. This forces one cyclist to take evasive action and jump off the cycleway and onto the road.

Room for everyone

The cycleway will be 3-4m wide and the pedestrian path 2m wide. A 1m separation (door) zone between parked vehicles and cycleway is also proposed.

T2 lane

The transit lanes would be reserved for passenger vehicles carrying two or more people, in-service taxis, motorcycles and mopeds, emergency services and cyclists who choose to ride on the road.

Bus stops

Two bus stops will be removed, one from Hutt Road and one from Kaiwharawhara Road, to improve travel times. The two stops are being consolidated in a new stop on Hutt Road south of Kaiwharawhara Road with a dedicated passenger loading/unloading area and shelter.

Key changes

Our proposed changes will make the route safer for people on bikes and on foot, as well as improving travel time for bus commuters and people who car pool.


We're proposing that the parking spaces are moved to the roadside - as shown in this artist's impression.