We’re making changes to the shared path along Hutt Road to make it safer for people on foot and on bikes. 

First phase – shared path upgrade

  • In the first phase of work, we will reconstruct the existing shared path and make changes to bus stops.
  • Parking spaces along the back of the shared path will generally remain in place, except for which cause safety issues.
  • The shared path from the Caltex Fuel Stop to Aotea Quay overbridge will be reconstructed to allow for the two-way cycleway and dedicated pedestrian path in the future, but will remain as a shared space until the parking spaces are relocated.
  • The bus stop at Westminster Street and Kaiwharawhara Road will be relocated to just south of the intersection. Cycle bypasses of the bus stops will be completed.
  • The section of path on Hutt Road between the Ngauranga intersection and the Caltex Fuel Stop will remain as is until the Petone to Ngauranga cycleway receives resource consent and is fully funded by the NZ Transport Agency, probably around 2019.

Work under way 

  • The first phase of upgrading the shared path to remove the old lighting poles is under way.
  • Over 100 new poles and LED lights are being installed on the western side of Hutt Road, between Tinakori Road and Jarden Mile at Ngauranga, to provide better and brighter lighting for everyone using this route.
  • The new poles will have outreach arms of three to four metres to light up both sides of the road and the shared path. Some of the old outreach arms attached to buildings will be removed. We expect this work to be completed in early 2017.
  • We are working with the NZ Transport Agency to investigate, design and implement safety and speed controls at business exit points where these are needed.

Work to start in 2017

  • Work on the shared path is expected to start in March 2017 and be completed in five to six months.
  • Reconstruct the shared path from the Caltex Fuel Stop to Aotea Quay overbridge. 
  • Remove utilities from the path where possible.
  • Install driveway safety and speed controls at the entrances to business premises to slow vehicles crossing the shared path.
  • Modify the bus stop near Placemakers to allow for the cycle bypass in behind.
  • Combine the southbound bus stops from Hutt Road (north of Westminster Street) and Kaiwharawhara Road (near the Hutt Road intersection) into one new stop south of Kaiwharawara Road that gives room for buses to pull in out of the traffic.
  • Provide up to nine short-stay on-street car parks adjacent to the childcare centres.
  • Widen the Kaiwharawhara Stream bridge for the shared path.
  • Install new pedestrian and cycle crossings at the Ngauranga Gorge intersection.

Project timeline

Jan 31st, 2017 How we got here

Hutt Road is one of the most popular cycling routes in Wellington. The shared path now carries twice as many people on bikes as 10 years ago, with 400 riding Hutt Road at peak hours.

The Hutt Road cycleway is a crucial link in the region's wider cycle network, providing connections to the Hutt Valley. But it has a poor safety track record and is one of our highest priorities for improvement.

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